Rebecca Remington Luxury Escort


How do you prefer to be contacted? 

I rather be contacted by reservation form then sent a text letting me know its filled out. Or by email with all info I ask for on my reservation form, in the very first email. If we have met before, just shoot me a text message!

What times and days are you available?

I am available 7am until 10pm. Everyday!

Do you have Instagram? SnapChat? Twitter?

Absolutely not. I do not have any type of social media in my personal life either. I have seen over the years some women gain an amazing following and do great things with social media. But I have also heard and seen where it can go left. Ive heard about clients getting outted, girls going at each other or throwing shade / jabs subliminally and trashing other women, opens the door for stalkers and weirdos and many many other things so I am not interested in advertising my services any where but on escort websites and my personal site. It gives me anxiety also because so many of my family and friends utilize those social media  platforms. Could you imagine one of them recognizing me? LOL I would fall out! So no, Im not on any social media platforms. Im sorry. When escort website are abolished from the internet then MAYBE I will join but for now, NO! 

How about OnlyFans?

No I am sorry. I don't have that either. 

Can I buy pictures of you? 

Uh LOL. No I am sorry.

Do you allow video or pictures during sessions?

No I am sorry. I don't. 

Is this an agency?

Nope! I am a 100% independent. Rebecca runs the show, I answer all my emails, text messages, inquires. I do not have an assistant.

Are your pictures real?

Yes they are. My pictures are very recent also. If you like any of the outfits in my pictures I will be glad to wear ANY outfit to model for you during our time together!

Verification? Why must I do this?

I have three different methods of verification on my what page. You are doing this for my safety. I love my life and love to live! I want to make sure I am safe. That is the most important thing to me. This is also to assure me you are 100% serious about getting together. Many men get off on playing games by booking and canceling, some use it as a way of stalking as well. 

I am trying to call you but when I call it says the number is disconnected? 201-778-0069 is your number right?? What's going on?

Yes that is my number. That means I blocked you. You must have called and was very rude, or asked an explicit question or contacted me in the past and did not follow through with your appointment and I have zero tolerance for that type of behavior! Sorry. I'm the type to kiss and make up so email me with your number and depending on what happen, maybe I will unblock you.

What are your turn offs?

Number 1 turn off for me would be poor hygiene honestly.

Do you have any reviews?

Check out my reviews on TheEroticReview!

I see your pictures and info on other web sites is that you?

Yes I advertise on many escort web sites but this my own official site.

Where are your Incalls held?

Midtown (EAST) Manhattan hotel.

Do you do half hours?

No I do not. Sorry.

Do you accept credit cards or checks?

I accept CASH ONLY. No credit cards or checks honey bunny!

Do you see couples?

No! To be honest there are many women running around that can't properly wash their ass and your wife might be one of those women so no.

Do you offer threesomes? 

Yes with only one girl and that's FeFe Fines. Ive met her before and she is absolutely beautiful and taste great!

Would you see to men at the same time? 

Absolutely! That is my fantasy! As long as you have references, I would gladly take on you and a friend. HELL YEAH! Omg..... yes!!!!!! Lol. 

How do I schedule an appointment with you?

Please go to my Where Page and fill out an Incall or Outcall reservation form. I will email you after I receive the form to discuss our meeting and iron out any details or to get more information.

Do you ever tour or travel?

Yes I do tour. I always advertise on Eros, the cities I decide to visit at least a week in advance. Look out for me in your city.

I would love to fly you to my city ( for my personal pleasure ) but I am scared you might not come after my deposit is made.

My reputation is way more important then trying to rob you of a few dollars. I’m trying to make friends not enemies. I am 100% safe, honest, and reliable. Trust me when I say I am cumming… I am cumming honey!

I see you have your face blocked in your photos, May I ask why? Can you send me pictures of your face? “I promise not to show anyone!”

I am trying to be as discreet as possible. As you are. I’m pretty sure you understand and feel the same way. So no I do not send face pictures. No I cant. I’m sorry. Contact someone that has their face showing and your problem is solved. I would never ever attach my face to this because I do plan on getting married one day and having children. I would not want my friends and family to see my face attached to this. The internet is FOREVER! So NO absolutely not.

Can you send me some more pictures of you?

No I can’t. I put NUMEROUS pictures on my site for a reason.

Do you offer fetishes?

NOT WITHOUT A DEPOSIT and I will explain why. Most men that ask about fetishes are the most wishy washy mother fuckers on the planet! They ask A BILLION questions and never keep their appointment.

Do you enjoy this line of work?

100% I have the best job in the WORLD! Really think about it. I get to meet different people and (without saying too much) have fun in there most BEST way possible. I absolutely love what I do. I sometimes become good friends with the few I decide to connect with. 

So you don’t see everyone that contacts you?

No I don’t. I am not for every and anybody.

I’m worried my neighbors might see you entering my home or apartment. What will you be wearing when you come to my home?

I will dress accordingly when entering someone else home. The last thing I want to do is draw unnecessary attention to you. I can come dressed down. 

What is your favorite city?

Las Vegas.

What is your favorite color?

I love white.

What is your favorite season?


HEY! Wait a minute... You use to go by NYC Summer long time ago?????

Yes I did, that's why some of my reviews say Summer and I retired for years and came back as Rebecca that is why I have a gap in my reviews. 

Do you have anything else you want me to know?

I want you to know that you will definitely have a great time with me. I really hope this website has helped your decision on meeting me and hopefully I can see you soon!